Recycling SVM-150

The recycling of used Styrofoam packaging

We let the air out – 90% volume reduction
Reduce costs and spare the environment – with the SVM-150

In November 1993, on the initiative of the company Baumgarten, STYREF (Styrofoam Recycling of European Fish Boxes) was established by a group of European fish box producers. The object of STYREF is the return of used packaging to the cycle of raw materials. The SVM-150 is an important element in this system which can be hired or purchased from us. In principle, however, only used Styrofoam packaging is disposed of by STYREF members.

Recycling Process

from the production of the package material
up to recycling:

1. Primary Materials
2. EPS Packaging
3. Packaging in use
4. Precleaning process
5. Reduction with SVM-150
6. Grinding
7. Cleaning and deodorizing
8. Granule production
9. Delivery to synthetic processors


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